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Reimagining Wordsworth is led by the Wordsworth Trust.

The Wordsworth Trust looks after Dove Cottage in the Lake District.  This is where William Wordsworth lived and worked during his Golden Decade, when he wrote much of his best poetry – including ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’, arguably the most famous poem in the English language.  It is also where his sister Dorothy Wordsworth kept her celebrated Grasmere Journal.

The Wordsworth Trust has been around for over 125 years.  When it opened Dove Cottage to the public in 1891, it created the third ‘writer’s house’ in England, after those of Shakespeare and Milton.  Today, many houses are maintained in honour of the writers who once lived there, but one of the special things about Dove Cottage is that the majority of Wordsworth’s manuscripts are also here.  Where else can so much of a great writer’s original work be seen in the place where it was both inspired and written?

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