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Reimagining the poet

How is Wordsworth thought of today?  Wandering lonely as a cloud? Uplifted by the daffodils along the shores of Ullswater? The elderly Victorian sage of the iconic portraits?

By Reimagining Wordsworth, we will challenge these preconceptions.  We will explore the many sides of Wordsworth.  The young radical who celebrated the French Revolution and travelled around Europe.  The poet immersed in the beauty of the natural world.  The man of compassion writing about the deepest of human emotions.  By bringing people closer to Wordsworth’s life and to his words, Reimagining Wordsworth will bring them closer to his poetry.

Writer of literature
Writer of literature

In a 2017 poll called ‘Literature in Britain today’, more people named Wordsworth as a ‘writer of literature’ than any other poet. Wordsworth’s poetry still speaks to us today.

Are you new to his poetry and not sure where to start? Or rediscovering a poet that you last read at school? Here are some of our favourites to get you started…

...with respect to these Poems. Trouble not yourself upon their present reception; of what moment is that compared with what I trust is their destiny, to console the afflicted, to add sunshine to daylight by making the happy happier, to teach the young and the gracious of every age, to see, to think and feel
William Wordsworth on his poetry -
The Project

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The Place

Wordsworth described his new home as “the loveliest spot that man hath ever found”. We know it today as Dove Cottage.